Through Limpio Designs, I create artwork that elevates public space into energetic environments.



I have extensive experience designing and executing murals for restaurants, bars, and local businesses. I specialize in painting animals, plant life, and can do typography and signage.



For the last 2 years, I have been working as a tattoo artist, starting an apprenticeship in Chicago, IL and moving to become a full time artist in Buenos Aires ARG. I tattoo mainly in my unique style, and solely design custom tattoos.



From Chicago to Buenos Aires, I have had grant projects, paint sponsors, and projects focused on strengthening communities through murals and public art projects. 


Choosing Limpio Designs allows clients to have unique artwork that not only benefits their space in an artistic way, but also adds value to their property and neighboring community.



Detail of sea turtle mural for office in San Francisco, CA.

Part of a mural for the Oakland Animal Shelter in Oakland, CA

Part of a mural for the Oakland Animal Shelter in Oakland, CA

Great Heron in downtown Oakland, CA

Great Heron in downtown Oakland, CA

Entry way for Super Human creative agency in Minneapolis, MN.

Mural Covering vandalism for Cruz Surfboards in Buenos Aires, ARG.


While traveling I have been setting up shop, and guest spotting in various cities. If your looking for a custom tattoo, or tattoo design, we can discuss a piece that brings out your ideas, and individuality to the tattoo.


Great art can be the spark of powerful growth for all people.


Painting murals for free is simple for me, because everyone benefits from them. Great art can create new inspiration, and motivate people to create new beginnings or projects they never had acted on before. For me seeing great street art invokes something of awe and happiness that I want others to feel as well. Over the years I've realized that art can truly change the world, and I feel the responsibility to help build that creative environment for people. These projects below are a few of the various non-profit type of murals I have done in the past.


Painted this mural for Caliber Beta Academy in Richmond, CA. This day there were kids learning about healthy eating, and giving ideas for a name for the dragon.

Painted this mural for Caliber Beta Academy in Richmond, CA. This day there were kids learning about healthy eating, and giving ideas for a name for the dragon.

Various free art projects for educational and organizations in the Midwest. A free library box painted, murals for Simpson Academy in Chicago, moving truck painted for World Effort Foundation in Minnesota, and a mural of a blue heron for Philadelphia Farms in Osceola, Wisconsin. 

I was awarded an Awesome Grant in 2015 to paint free murals for a week in Boulder Colorado. I focused on animals living in the state of Colorado, working with various business owners and residents to create individual pieces for each of them.

During the summer of 2015 I was given a paint sponsorship from Kuwait Spray paint to paint free art in the Villas of Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the two months I was there, I mainly made connections in the communities, but also painted several murals for residents in the slum, as well as traveling library, a non profit school, bar, and local hostel. 

In 2014, I participated in an artist residency in Chiang Mai, Thailand for graffiti and street art. During my 6 week stay I focused on creating murals for local non profits and businesses. These are highlights from the free murals done during that time. In order, is a mural for Free Bird Cafe, a resort, two pieces on a wall i organized as a community mural with local graffiti artists, an electrical box for a neighbor, and a painted glass table for a small restaurant. 

in 2013 I was awarded my first grant through the Awesome Foundation. I painted four free murals in the community of West Garfield Park, Chicago. During that time I also co-organized a free art, music, and BBQ day for the completion of the last mural, which was painted with the help of WYTEC students. During the event we had at least 100 locals attend the day. 



Face Me Por Favor is a new art project that street artist and illustrator Viiickster, and I am collaborating together on in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are reaching out to residents of the city, and asking them to at least one question out of the questionnaire from below, which we will incorporate into each individually painted portrait.  The idea of this project is to get to know the people of the city, as well as engage each other with their neighbor. We want to give someone the respectable space to share stories, moments, or memories that they feel most proud about with the rest of their city. Each portrait will be wheat pasted around different barrios of Buenos Aires, allowing locals and visitors alike to be introduced to the people who make up this amazing city. 



These will be updated as well as soon as they are pasted,


You can follow our work as well on our new instagram page, @facemeporfavor 

Currently we are working with Partners for Change on a project to produce portraits of different generations of women leading change throughout the world. This project is in the preliminary stages, but here are some recent works of that project. We will update it as it progresses onward.

Bar Carnal

We have been working with Bar Carnal to produce works for the their bathroom doors, and the inside walls of their club / bar. Updates will be provided after the entire project is finished. Here are the first round of faces for them though.